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Friday, 5 February 2016

sahifa wordpress theme free download

Sahifa Theme Full Version:

Sahifa is one of the most popular theme using these days in WordPress. Everyone is asking me for Sahifa premium version. So I decided to upload it for all of you. This theme has uploaded on  Themeforest. But there you can only get trial version and trial version doesn’t allow to premium access. You should have to buy it for getting full and the version by the author.

Mobile Responsive:

                This theme is fully mobile responsive, you just have to upload it on your WordPress blog so it will automatically become mobile responsive its simple but I am mentioning this because many peoples after downloading ask whether it is mobile responsive or not? Or what we have to do to make it responsive so I just told it before this is mobile responsive..

WordPress Or Blogger:

                So many users ask whether this version is compatible with blogger or not? So listen up guys this version is just for WordPres users if you are a Blogger and want this theme for your blogger so don’t worry I will upload Sahifa theme for blogger as well but this version is not compatible with Blogger. This is just for WordPress users.

How to install Or upload?

                To install Sahifa theme there are two ways both are simple and easy.
1)      By uploading it through WordPress Dashboard.
2)      By using FTP client manager.

Lets talk about WordPress Dashboard first.

                To upload it using WordPress dashboard you just have to simply login to your WordPress blog there you will find the option named “Appearance” under that find Themes click on that.

1)      After going to Appearance à Theme à Add New (Top Right).
2)      After clicking Add new you have to select the theme zip folder.
3)      Go to download directory and unzip the folder, after unzipping you will see the folder named “Sahifa”
4)      Upload that .Zip file named “Sahifa” that you get in the step 3.
5)      After that wait let it give some time to upload the theme.

Hurrah!! You have successfully uploaded theme. Enjoy

Read about other method too:

This method Is simple as well.. what you have to do is simply download FTP client manager software available for free on internet. After downloading connect it by giving your host, user name and password after providing these details upload your theme “Sahifa” to the (wp-content/themes) provided by Wordpress. That’s it let it give some time to upload the theme completely and you have done installing Sahifa using FTP client.


Download this awesome and stylish theme full version free of cost from our site. Feel free if you have any query. Click on the below download button to start your download. Enjoy!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Download Turbo C++

What is turbo?Turbo is a platform in which you can write codes for c or c++. Turbo is one of the outdated software to do coding C++. I’ll not suggest you to use turbo C++ because many times while coding in C++ you will find unnecessary errors whereas your coding will be correct. When I was the user of Turbo C++ I even find error that while writing a code my Turbo C++ forcefully quits and all of my code, effort I done was wasted. This is the reason I quit Turbo C++ and now I don’t use Turbo. There are many latest softwares which allows you to write codes in C++. Some softwares supports many languages just like C++, Java, PHP and many others. You can use these softwares to write your code in C++.
To download the full version Turbo C++ working you are at right place. I had shared full version here and you don’t have to open it via CMD by writing codes and much what you have to do is simply run the software it will automatically runs the Turbo C++.


Simply you have to click on the download button given below and Install it.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How To Find Unique Content Full Guide

How To Find Unique Content For Your Website:

This Article Is About To How To Find Unique Content For Your Website Easily And You Can Also Publish This Content To Your Blog So You Don’t Need To Be Worry Your English Is Not Good Or You Can’t Afford Any Article Writer. This Method Will Also Help You In Saving Money That Money Which You Have To Pay To Your Academic Writer. You Can Use This Trick/Method And Say Good Bye To Your Worries Of Writing Article And Making It Unique.


This Method Is Very Easy And Simple. All You Need Is Just Few Minutes For Performing These Simple And Easy Steps. If You Will Done Everything Correct I Will Assure You That You Will Find 100% Genuine And Unique Content.
To Perform This Trick You Need A Software Named “Expired Article Hunter” That You Can Download From This Blog Too I Will Share The URL And Download Button Here Of This Tool For Your Convince.

How To Perform The Trick Full Guide:

Download The Software “Expired Article Hunter” From The Link Given Below.

After Downloading This Tool You Have To Visit Any Of These Sites

1. Expired Domain
2. Moonsy Domain

When You Visit Any Of These Sites It Will Show You The List Of Expired Domains Both Sites Will Have More Than 1000’s Of Expired Domain Names.

What Is Expired Domain?

You Can Read My Article Which Is About Expired Domains  But Here I Will Shortly Describing You What Is Expired Domain. For Detailed And Better Understanding. Expired Domain Is The Domain Which Is Once Registered By Someone And He Didn’t Re-register After Expiring Its Domain Time Period As You All Are Doing This So You Can Understand That Domain Has An Expiry Date And After that Expiry Date You Have To Register It Again.

What You Have To Do?

You Have To Do Is Simply Pick Up Any Domain Name And Search It On Google Like “” Don’t Put Inverted Commas “ ”. The Purpose Of Doing This Is To Checking Whether The Site Is Indexed Or Not. After Checking It.
Open The “Expired Article Hunter” And Put The URL OF The Domain That You Have Found And Is Indexed And It Will Start Searching For It And It Will Show All Of Its Article That He Has Published On The Site But As He Had Not Activated His Site Again So All The Content Of The Site Will Be Wasted After Some Days. So You Can Use That Content And Publish All On Your Site And Can Save The Money From Hiring Academic Writer.


I Shared The Full Method With You But I Also Want To Share Some Good Tips With You That You Must Kept In Mind While Looking For An Article That Will Be Helpful To You.

1. Always Take Content From The Low PR Domain (I Suggest You To Pick Content From PR0, This Is Not Necessary You Can Get Content From Any PR).

2. Always Search The Site Of Your Niche So It Will Be More Beneficial For You.

3. Always Check Plgarism Before Publishing Content On Your Site.

If You Like My Article Please Share It With Your Friends As Well As Family. For Any Query Feel Free To Contact. Comment Below Your Question I Will Try To Answer Your Question As Fast As Possible. Thanks

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tips On How To Gain More Karma Links In Reddit

How To Make 23,000 Link Karma In 2 Days

Reddit Domination:

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is the place where you can rank anything. Didn’t get what I am saying? Ok lemme explain it for you.
Reddit is the place by which you can rank your required stuff in google and get visitors through google. It is not the place which provide traffic. There are many people who misguide that through reddit you can get visitors. This is wrong reddit don’t give you visitors it only helps you to rank your keyword and site.

Why Reddit Is Best For Google Ranking?

Here is the best way to get ranked on Google.
First is post unique content. Content must be interesting and attractive to catch peoples.

Once you post relevant SUB-reddit people will start talking about it
When They Will Like Your Post They Will Comment On It And When They Started Commenting The Discussion Will Be Started And You Site Will Start Ranking And You Can Easily Rank Your Post In Google By Using This.

What I Am Sharing In The PDF:

The PDF that you will download from here will teach you how you can make 30K link karma in a week which will more beneficial for your site ranking. This PDF contain step by step guide on every thing that is neccesary and will be helpful to you in making a successfull reddit account. So i will prefer you to read the full book first before judging it.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

 Download Link:

The Download Link Of The PDF File Is Given Below Get It Before It Gets Late.

Feel Free TO ask for any query.

How To Get Traffic From Hitleap Viewer And Improve Alexa Rank

How To Get Traffic From Hitleap Viewer And Improve Alexa Rank:

As I promised I will teach you the method of getting visitors from hitleap and improve your alexa rank. Many users are using this tool for there new created sites. This tool helps them to improve there rank and increase visitors to there sites. So lets discuss about this tool.

What is Hitleap?

Hitleap is one of the famous tool that is popular for delivering tons of fake visitors to your site. But this tool is getting fame day by day. So I am going to share this tool with you as well as, join this tool now and start increasing your traffic now.


I am not suggesting you to use this tool. This is for information and increasing your knowledge

Why to choose hitleap:

Hitleap is one of top tool which is used by millions peoples and they have a huge network so it will help you in increasing and Improving your rank. So you will have to use this tool to and get traffic to your new site or any dead site which is not running well. It will help you to get gain.

Download Hitleap Viewer:


How To use Hitleap?

This is very easy and simple in using. You just have to add your site link in there server. According to there policy you will have to earn points by watching other users site. As I said before millions of users are using this site so you have to look at there site and they will view your site. You just have to run the software and sit back it will itself watch others site and you will get the point and if you have more points more viewers will see your site.
You  can also buy points to the company “hitleap” which will safe your time but it will cost money. So if you want for free then you have to watch others sites.

For more and better understanding watch the video tutorial given below.

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How To Increase Traffic On Your Site And Improve Alexa Rank

How To Get Traffic On Your Site And Increase Alexa:

Hello, this article is about how to get traffic on your site and increase your alexa rank. In this article you will learn about 3 methods of getting traffic on your site. I will share all three methods with you one by one so you can learn and understand it better. This article Is just for increasing your alexa rank.


I am not suggesting you to use these tricks. These tricks just for improving your alexa rank and getting better in Google.

Methods Of Getting Traffic To Your Site:

 1. Addmefast

These Three methods are easy for getting and improving your alexa rank. The best and authentic traffic is from Google that you receive but for perfoming better you must improve your alexa rank. So you have to use these tricks. Here in this article I will only describe you only  1 one method and other 2 methods guide will be updated on site soon. So don’t forget to subscribe my site for getting daily updates of my new tricks and methods.
In this article I am going to explain you “Jingling” purpose, how to use and I also provide you the download link of jignling.

Download “Jingling”:

First Thing is to get this software download this traffic giving software from the link given below. Jingling is one the best tool to get traffic to your site.


What is Jingling?

Jingling is one  of the best tool which give you the traffic to your site and helps you in increasing the traffic and rank of your site. Every one knows the rank matters. So this is simple and fast tool by which you can perform all of things that you think is important.

Why to use Jingling?

The best and shortest answer is to get traffic in your site.


You can also provide traffic to other peoples using this tool and earn money from them as you see many peoples are doing same in the Fiverr. You can also provide your GIG of traffic and earn $$ from this tool.

How To Use Jingling?

Jingling software is not in English language. So it become difficult for you to understand it but you don’t have to get worry I am here to help you in this purpose. I am uploading video for this purpose which will show you which button of software perform which task. So you can easily operate this wonderful tool.

What you have to do?

The thing you have to do is simply to give me 5 mins and watch my tutorial on it so that you  will learn everything about jingling.

This Article is only contain information about Jingling software soon I will tell you the other  two methods too. So you will get maximum traffic for your site. For learning more you have to subscribe my site by email so you will not miss any article. At the bottom of the site you can find the subscribe button.

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Monday, 2 November 2015

How To Unblock Youtube And Other Blocked Sites In Pakistan Without Any Proxy Or VPN

How to unblock youtube without using any proxy or any VPN:

Why Youtube Is Blocked In Pakistan:

Youtube Is Blocked In Pakistan Because Of Some Content That Is Against The Islam And Some Of Videos That Insults Muslims Prophet(SAW). This Is A Very Good Step Taken By Government. But Youtube Is One Of The Most Popular Sites Of Videos Where You Can Find Videos Of All Type.

How Peoples Unblock Youtube:

As Youtube Is One Of The Basic need Of Every One As It Is The Best Site To Listen Video Songs, Funny Videos And All That. So Peoples Use Proxy Or VPN Softwares To Unblock Youtube.

What Is VPN:

VPN is Abbrevation Of  Virtual Private Network. VPN just changes your IP address which helps you to access in  blocked sites. You can open any site by using VPN.

What Is Proxy:

There are many sites which helps you to access youtube and other blocked sites there purpose are also like VPN but instead of VPN you have to visit that site and enter your link that is blocked in your country and you want to access and it will unblock that site by using the same technique as VPN does. It also connects you to your site by changing IP address .

Advantage Of Using My Technique:

The Main and best advantage of using my technique is that you don’t have to run it again and again you just have to make setting once and you can access all blocked sites every time you turn on the PC. And best thing of this method is that it doesnot connects you to any other country IP.

Lets Begin The Trick:

1. Right click on the wifi signals or modem (whatever you are using). 

2. Open Network And Sharing Settings.

3. Click On The Wifi Or Modem Name That You Are using.

4. Properties will be opened. Now look for the “internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” double click on it

5. Now mark the button “use the following DNS settings”. When you marked that button 2 options will be opened.

6. Now enter these in DNS:

Now save these settings and check youtube and any other blocked site you want to open whether it is opening or you are still facing any issue?

Now you have successfully done your all your settings and now you can enjoy YouTube.

If You like my trick then please share it with your friends as well as your family. If you find any issue then feel free to comment and ask from me. I am always ready to help you and every one.

Thanks for reading my article and please share it with every one. Also share it on your facebook profile so that everyone can see this 
For further and more assistance I am uploading video of this tutorial that “How to unblock youtube and all other blocked sites without using any VPN or any proxy”. You can also watch out the videos for better understanding.

VIDEO Tutorials Below:

Watch The Full Video On Dailymotion'


Watch The Full Video On Youtube