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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How To Get Traffic From Hitleap Viewer And Improve Alexa Rank

How To Get Traffic From Hitleap Viewer And Improve Alexa Rank:

As I promised I will teach you the method of getting visitors from hitleap and improve your alexa rank. Many users are using this tool for there new created sites. This tool helps them to improve there rank and increase visitors to there sites. So lets discuss about this tool.

What is Hitleap?

Hitleap is one of the famous tool that is popular for delivering tons of fake visitors to your site. But this tool is getting fame day by day. So I am going to share this tool with you as well as, join this tool now and start increasing your traffic now.


I am not suggesting you to use this tool. This is for information and increasing your knowledge

Why to choose hitleap:

Hitleap is one of top tool which is used by millions peoples and they have a huge network so it will help you in increasing and Improving your rank. So you will have to use this tool to and get traffic to your new site or any dead site which is not running well. It will help you to get gain.

Download Hitleap Viewer:


How To use Hitleap?

This is very easy and simple in using. You just have to add your site link in there server. According to there policy you will have to earn points by watching other users site. As I said before millions of users are using this site so you have to look at there site and they will view your site. You just have to run the software and sit back it will itself watch others site and you will get the point and if you have more points more viewers will see your site.
You  can also buy points to the company “hitleap” which will safe your time but it will cost money. So if you want for free then you have to watch others sites.

For more and better understanding watch the video tutorial given below.

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