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Monday, 2 November 2015

How To Unblock Youtube And Other Blocked Sites In Pakistan Without Any Proxy Or VPN

How to unblock youtube without using any proxy or any VPN:

Why Youtube Is Blocked In Pakistan:

Youtube Is Blocked In Pakistan Because Of Some Content That Is Against The Islam And Some Of Videos That Insults Muslims Prophet(SAW). This Is A Very Good Step Taken By Government. But Youtube Is One Of The Most Popular Sites Of Videos Where You Can Find Videos Of All Type.

How Peoples Unblock Youtube:

As Youtube Is One Of The Basic need Of Every One As It Is The Best Site To Listen Video Songs, Funny Videos And All That. So Peoples Use Proxy Or VPN Softwares To Unblock Youtube.

What Is VPN:

VPN is Abbrevation Of  Virtual Private Network. VPN just changes your IP address which helps you to access in  blocked sites. You can open any site by using VPN.

What Is Proxy:

There are many sites which helps you to access youtube and other blocked sites there purpose are also like VPN but instead of VPN you have to visit that site and enter your link that is blocked in your country and you want to access and it will unblock that site by using the same technique as VPN does. It also connects you to your site by changing IP address .

Advantage Of Using My Technique:

The Main and best advantage of using my technique is that you don’t have to run it again and again you just have to make setting once and you can access all blocked sites every time you turn on the PC. And best thing of this method is that it doesnot connects you to any other country IP.

Lets Begin The Trick:

1. Right click on the wifi signals or modem (whatever you are using). 

2. Open Network And Sharing Settings.

3. Click On The Wifi Or Modem Name That You Are using.

4. Properties will be opened. Now look for the “internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” double click on it

5. Now mark the button “use the following DNS settings”. When you marked that button 2 options will be opened.

6. Now enter these in DNS:

Now save these settings and check youtube and any other blocked site you want to open whether it is opening or you are still facing any issue?

Now you have successfully done your all your settings and now you can enjoy YouTube.

If You like my trick then please share it with your friends as well as your family. If you find any issue then feel free to comment and ask from me. I am always ready to help you and every one.

Thanks for reading my article and please share it with every one. Also share it on your facebook profile so that everyone can see this 
For further and more assistance I am uploading video of this tutorial that “How to unblock youtube and all other blocked sites without using any VPN or any proxy”. You can also watch out the videos for better understanding.

VIDEO Tutorials Below:

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